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Arthdal Chronicles (2019)
Set in the fictional land of Arthdal during ancient times. Eun Som was born with a fate to bring disaster to Arthdal. Due to his mother's struggles to save him, he goes through hardships and grows up. He appears again in Arthdal. Ta Gon is a war hero of Arthdal. He has paved the way for Arthdal to become a prosperous city nation and he is the most powerful person in Arthdal. He dreams of becoming the first king of Arthdal. Tan Ya was born with the same fate as Eun Som. She is the successor of the Wahan Tribe. Going through hardships, she realized her mission. She lives under the highest honor and her ambition is to become a politician.
Serien » Drama GER IMDB: 7,8
Saint Seiya Die Krieger Des Zodiac (1986)
Seiya is an orphan child that was sent to the Sanctuary of Athena in Greece, where he underwent training to become one of the Saints of Athena. Years later, after gaining possession of the Pegasus Cloth, a mythical armor protected by said constellation, he returns to Japan and meets up with Saori Kido. Kido is the granddaughter of the late Mitsumasa Kido, the man that sent Seiya to Greece, separating him from his sister Seika. Seiya intends to find his sister who disappeared the day he left, but Saori makes a deal with him: if he competes in the Galaxian Wars and wins, she'll help him find Seika. The Galaxian Wars is a tournament organized by the Kido Fundation, in which the Bronze Saints, all of them orphans like Seiya that were sent to different parts of the world to train and earn their cloths, must fight each other, the prize being the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. Seiya agrees to participate just to be able to find his sister. However, the tournament is interrupted and the Sagittarius ...
Serien » Abenteuer GER IMDB: 8,6
Quicksand – fernsehserien.de
An einer Privatschule in Stockholms reichstem Vorort kommt es zu einer Massenschießerei. Die 18-jährige Schülerin Maja Norberg (Hanna Ardéhn) wird unter Mordverdacht festgenommen. Klar ist, dass ihr aus einer wohlhabenden Familie stammende, psychisch gestörte Freund Sebastian (Felix Sandman) die Tat begangen hat. Doch hatte er Maja mit in sich in den Abgrund gezogen? War sei seine Komplizin oder seine Geisel?Was sich an dem Tag wirklich zugetragen hat, wird erst nach und nach offenbar …
Serien GER IMDB: -
Queer Eye (2018)
More than a decade after the original series went off the air, Netflix reboots the "Queer Eye" franchise with a new Fab Five and a new setting, trading in the concrete jungle of New York City for communities in and around Atlanta. The style experts forge relationships with men and women who often have different beliefs from them, leading to moments of social commentary interspersed with style advice. Advising people in need of lifestyle makeovers are food and wine specialist Antoni Porowski, interior designer Bobby Berk, grooming consultant Jonathan Van Ness, fashion designer Tan France and culture expert Karamo Brown, who reality TV fans may recognize as one of the housemates on "The Real World (1992): Philadelphia." David Collins, who created the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (2003) show, is on board as an executive producer.
Serien GER IMDB: 8,5
Heathers (1988)
Der Name Heather verbindet die drei heißesten aber auch hochnäsigsten Schülerinnen der High School von Westerburg. Zu ihrer Clique gehört die hübsche Veronica, die von den Heathers nur geduldet wird, aber aus Prestigegründen ihre Nähe sucht. Das ändert sich, als sie den Außenseiter J.D. kennenlernt. Zu zweit vergiften sie die führende Heather und stellen den Mord als Selbstmord dar. Ebenso ergeht es zwei Jungs aus dem Footballteam. Veronica erkennt, daß auch J.D. sie nur ausnutzen will. Nachdem sie ihren eigenen Selbstmord vorgetäuscht hat, vereitelt sie in letzter Minute J.D.s Plan, die Schule in die Luft zu sprengen.
Serien » Komödie GER IMDB: 7,3
Der Geist Von Sultanpore (2019)
Three young friends in Goa plan to search an old villa for ghosts, but when a new family moves in, the home's buried past resurfaces in chilling ways.
Serien » Horror GER IMDB: 7,0
Brokenwood – Mord in Neuseeland – fernsehserien.de
Neuseeländische Krimiserie, die pro Folge einen Mordfall in einer scheinbar beschaulichen Kleinstadtidylle behandelt. Inspektor Mike Shepherd kümmert sich mit seinem Team um die Aufklärung der Fälle.
Serien GER IMDB: -
Velvet Collection (2017)
It is the year 1967. After five happy years of marriage in New York with Alberto and their young son, Anna Ribera returns to Spain to take her project Velvet to the next level. She and Alberto had been managing all things Velvet from across the ocean and, together with their best friends and partners, had made a name for Velvet as the number one address in the world of fashion and innovation. Now they decide to take the next step and turn their reputation into a franchise, first at home, then abroad. The first step is opening shop in the other great Spanish city, Barcelona, on its world famous promenade, the Passeig de Gracia. There, the second Velvet Fashion Store is about to open its gates, managed by Ana's good friend Clara who had made it up the career ladder from seamstress to directorial assistant in the Madrid Velvet years.
Serien » Komödie GER IMDB: 7,4
Uncle (2012)
An amateur musician of stunted emotional growth is reluctant to take care of his young nephew, but as his reluctance grows, his other emotions begin to follow to the fore, meaning he may even become a better, more-rounded person.
Serien » Komödie GER IMDB: 7,9
This Close (2018)
Dealing with work, romance and family drama is never easy. But BFFs Kate and Michael, who are both deaf and live in Los Angeles, are about to face new challenges - including a bad breakup, being tokenized at work and a troubling secret - all of which test their bond in surprising ways. If they want to survive the rough road ahead, they'll have to be there for each other - no matter what.
Serien » Drama GER IMDB: 7,4
Teen Titans Go (2018)
Alle Superhelden bekommen ihren eigenen Film – nur die Teen Titans nicht! Das finden Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven und Starfire höchst unfair und so machen sie sich unter Robins Führung auf in Richtung Hollywood. Der ewige Batman-Sidekick hat die Nase voll davon, immer nur als zweite Geige wahrgenommen zu werden – er will ein Star sein! Im Gepäck haben die Titans außer großen Träumen auch noch jede Menge durchgeknallte Pläne und Ideen. Doch sie haben die Rechnung ohne den fiesen Superschurken Slade Wilson alias Deathstroke gemacht, der die Weltherrschaft an sich reißen will und die jugendlichen Helden deshalb kurzerhand in die falsche Richtung schickt. Schon bald gerät die Freundschaft der Titans untereinander in Gefahr und das Schicksal der Heldentruppe steht auf dem Spiel…
Serien » Abenteuer GER IMDB: 6,8
Teachers (2016)
Teachers show their hilariously warped perspective as six elementary school educators trying to mold young minds, even though their own lives aren't really together.
Serien » Komödie GER IMDB: 6,0
Rosehaven (2016)
Daniel McCallum returns to his rural Tasmanian hometown, Rosehaven, to help his formidable mother in her real estate business.
Serien » Komödie GER IMDB: 7,7
Lewis Der Oxford Krimi (2006)
Inspector Robert Lewis steps out of the shadow of his mentor, the inimitable Inspector Morse, in this highly-acclaimed series of intricate mysteries. Together with his brooding, inscrutable partner, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway, they take on the elite criminal underworld of Oxford, England, relying on Lewis' instinct and Hathaway's intellect to see past appearances and into the hearts of their upper-crust foes.
Serien » Krimi GER IMDB: 8,0
Homicide City (2018)
HOMICIDE CITY takes a deep dive into the stories of unforgettable murders from the streets of Philadelphia. Told through the eyes of veteran homicide detectives, local reporters and the victim's families who have lost so much, these are the cases they will never forget.
Serien » Krimi GER IMDB: 8,2
Food Wars The Third Plate
Keine Beschreibung vorhanden
Serien GER IMDB: -
Comic Girls (2018)
Moeta Kaoruko ia a 15-year-old high school student and manga creator, who uses the pen name Chaos. After ranking at the bottom of a reader survey, Kaoruko's editor recommends that she enter an all-female dormitory for manga creators. Kaoruko's roommates are shoujo manga creator Koizuka Koyume, teen romance manga creator Irokawa Ruki, and shounen manga creator Katsuki Tsubasa. The girls support each other as they work to become better manga creators.
Serien » Abenteuer GER IMDB: 7,3
Blaumacher (2017)
Keine Beschreibung vorhanden
Serien » Komödie GER IMDB: 7,3
Black Lake (2016)
Sinister events engulf young and ambitious Johan and his friends when they visit the abandoned Black Lake ski resort, the scene of a horrific crime. Remote and neglected, Black Lake has been closed for years. Johan invites his friends there on a test trip, with the idea of reopening the resort. They are soon gripped by a series of disturbing experiences. On the very first night, Johan's girlfriend, Hanne, is woken by a sickening thudding noise coming from the cellar. The landlord refuses to let them investigate. It turns out the resort was closed after a family were found dead, strangled. One by one, members of the group wake with bloodshot eyes following nightmares of being strangled. With fear and danger spiraling, Hanne becomes convinced that supernatural forces wish them ill. Who can be trusted? Who will survive?
Serien » Horror GER IMDB: 6,2
Apple Tree Yard (2017)
Married with two grown-up children, Yvonne Carmichael (Emily Watson) lives a contented, conventional suburban life. But her world spirals into chaos, when a chance encounter leads to an impulsive and passionate affair with a charismatic stranger (Ben Chaplin). Despite all her careful plans to keep her home life and career safe and separate from her affair, fantasy and reality soon begin to overlap and everything she values is put at risk, as a life-changing act of violence leads to a Crown Court trial.
Serien » Drama GER IMDB: 7,1